ESRI WebApp Builder (WAB) MultiView FMV Widget

In previous post we have discussed the FMV Server integration with ESRI’s WAB. Use case described single FMV video playback. In this article we will discuss FMV Server capability to play back multiple videos at the same time.

MultiView widget leverages FMV Server API and ESRI JS API. Current solution consists of two widgets  (figure 1): Video Manager – shows all available videos pulled from FMV Server, FMV Player replays videos selected from the Video Manager widget.

Each time user selects the video from Video Manager a new self-contained player widget is generated and added to the FMV Player. Unique color graphics are created then rendered on the map. Then user clicks close video button, video is removed from FMV Player and corresponding graphics are removed from the map.

Figure 1. MultiView FMV Widget in WAB.

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